Plants Over Brands

Plant-based recipes on cards that will make your life easier.

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You want to make healthy meals but

Don’t worry. You can make a healthy meal in 35 minutes using less than 10 ingredients. And the best thing is – even your family and friends will love it!

50 lunch ideas

So you'll never have to think "What's for lunch?" again.

Simple ingredients

Balanced meals from whole foods for $2 or less per person.

Quick preparation

35 minutes on average with 300+ photos to
guide you.


Books take up too much space. You only need one card at a time.

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I really like the fact that your meals are assembled in a way that makes you so comfortably full, they taste crazy delicious, and even my darling (who was a passionate meat-eater before this cookbook) likes them.
My god, whatever I make is crazy delicious! I didn’t use to like tofu because I never knew how to prepare it. Now I have to hold back from eating it before it even makes it to the oven. And the fennel! My new favorite vegetable, haha! And my favorite thing is that there is really not much fussing around, and everything is prepared so quickly… Basically, TOP of the TOP!
Your book was the best investment of this year! This year has been better because of you and I have one of your recipes for lunch almost every day. Thanks for making my eating better!

A cookbook that will get you excited

Most probably this is not the first cookbook you have ever bought. You really want to make healthy meals but you are worried that they won’t be any good. You don’t want to waste time if you can make something you have been making for ages in such a short time. These are all valid concerns. But let me assure you that this cookbook will get you excited. It won’t end up on a shelf, it will get a spot in your kitchen. Before you know it, the recipe cards will become a part of your everyday.

You want to make sure it's a good fit for you?

I recommend you download my free Simple Plant-based Meal Formula. In this e-book, I share the formula by which I make my meals balanced and tasty. You will also get 4 free recipe cards from the cookbook, so you can make sure it’s a good fit for you!

Are you still not sure?

Let me show you some of the tasty meals you'll be able to make.

Feel free to enlarge the images to see the food up close. 😍 
And remember: the average time to make these is just 35 minutes and average cost only $2 per person!

Here is the full list of recipes:

More than just recipes.

With this cookbook you will learn:

It’s not just a cookbook, it’s a companion for life.