My story

In 2012 when I was just finishing up my studies and got my first job, I got very sick. I ended up in a hospital and the doctors diagnosed me with Crohn’s disease, an incurable autoimmune disease. A few years prior to that I also got diagnosed with hypertension, which was supposed to be genetic. I was getting more and more overweight and more and more unhappy with my life.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and to do everything I can to be happy and healthy again. My health started improving after I adopted a plant-based diet, so I decided to research it. When I found out the truth about the impact our diet has on our health and the environment, I decided that was way more important than my job at that time.

I left my job as one of the lead software developers and dedicated full time to plant-based nutrition. I invested my time and money in plant-based nutrition education. When I finally understood the basic concepts of nutrition and how our nutrition affects our health, it felt like I held knowledge everyone should have access to. I shed off all that extra weight and cured my hypertension without even trying.

Through my 10+ year plant-based journey to health and happiness, I developed a set of tips & tricks I wish I had when I started out. That journey would have been much more pleasant and my health would have gotten better even sooner. I understand when people say going plant-based is hard, but I also know how it can become easier and most of all – sustainable.

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